Episode 115

Published on:

20th May 2022

Tom Sainsbury: Comedian & Snapchat Dude

·      Tom Sainsbury - Comedian, Actor & Writer: Creative

Process & Career

·      Benny Mack – Host

·      Selenya – Producer

·      Special Thanks – Auckland Actors

Tom Sainsbury came into prominence in 2017 by using Snapchat and short video content to satirise New Zealand politicians. He has since expanded to parodying New Zealanders of all walks of life on his Facebook page.  

In 2020 he was named 'Herald Entertainer of the year'. This came from years of creating his social media content, starring in Wellington ParanormalThe Educators and being a regular on Have You Been Paying Attention, acting in feature film Dead and writing the comedy book New Zealanders: A Field Guide.

The latter is a hilarious catalogue of all the New Zealand character types he's come across over the years. Since then, he has become a regular on New Zealand television with Snackmasters and Give Us A Clue and he is about to tour New Zealand with his show Tom Sainsbury: Snapchat Live.

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Tom Sainsbury - Snapchat Dude Live NZ Tour 2022 - Eventfinda

Tom Sainsbury - Comedian and Snapchat Dude | Facebook

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